Who we are

We are an innovative startup that deals with study, research, develop and innovation in the ecology and environment sectors. A team composed by managers, chemists and researchers, in partnership with an important environmental chemical company, is constantly working to achieve increasingly cutting-edge objectives. Production, national and international marketing, complete our structure.

Our philosophy

Sustainability is the foundation of our philosophy. Environment, health and water saving are our objectives on which we focus our research; objectives that we consider precious goods for which we are committed to maintain high standards in order to guarantee quality and safety. Eco-sustainability as a way of life to invest in the future.

What we do

Today we are able to offer on the market innovative ecological products, totally natural, with zero impact on the environment and on human health, dedicated to cleaning and detergency, with particular attention to water saving. Innovation and eco-sustainability start right from the production chain, with procedures that limit the use of energy and zero CO2 emissions.

100% Natural

EB Clean® is a 100% natural certified product

Totally biodegradable

EB Clean® does not leave traces into enviroment

No chemical components

EB Clean® is totally free of chemical components

Free of chemical solvents

Totally natural and without solvents

Does not produce foam

EB Clean® does not produce any kind of foam

Does not need to be rinsed

After the treatment EB Clean® goes away without rinsing

No need for water

Works totally without water

Easy to use

Easy to apply and remove


EcoBio Solutions has developed EB Clean® an innovative high quality line of cleaning products, 100% natural, with zero impact on the environment and on human health, particularly suitable to the water saving, with the following characteristics:




% Natural


Chemical components


% Biodegradable

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