Company information


The information on this page is provided by art. 25, paragraph 11, of the Legislative Decree 18.10.2012 n. 179, converted into Law 17.12.2012 n. 221 and subsequent amendments and additions, to which they are fully compliant. The information is updated at least every six months. Ecobio Solutions s.r.l. is an innovative Startup, established on 07.09.2018 in the form of a limited liability company. The company has established itself with a uniform Model of incorporation / bylaws for innovative start-ups in the form of Srl (Article 3, paragraph 10bis, of Decree Law 3/2015, converted, with amendments, by Law 33/2015).
The Company is registered at the Milan Companies Register, with legal headquarters in Pioltello (MI) at Via Vincenzo Bellini n. 30, registered in the special section of the innovative Start-ups from 06.11.2018, VAT number and tax code 03669850129.
The corporate purpose of the Company consists in the research, study, development, realization, marketing and internationalization of ecological, natural, biological, biotechnological, biodegradable products, sensitive to water consumption for the protection of the environment.
The shareholders, with transparency to trustees or holding companies, are the following:


 BAIANO Antonio Angelo, with a share of 11,34% of the share capital;
 DI BIASE Domenico, with a share of 15% of the share capital;
 SCORDO Bruno, with a share of 33,33% of the share capital;
 MARRAPODI Salvatore Omero, with a share of 23,33% of the share capital;
 ZAVAGLIA Vincenzo, with a share of 10% of the share capital;
 C.S.A. CHIMICA SICUREZZA AMBIENTE S.R.L. with a share of 7% of the share capital.


The company does not have professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers. At present the company holds patent rights on industrial and intellectual property.
The last balance sheet filed in XBRL standard is as follows: 2018.