EB Clean Automotive

The product, used on any type of vehicle, allows to obtain a result similar to a washing without the need to move the vehicle and without the constraint of water availability. It does not produce foam and does not require any kind of rinsing. The natural composition and the method of application produce an immediate drying, without any discharge into the environment. The cleaning process of one or more vehicles is easy, fast, comfortable and can be done in any place.

No time waste to go to the car wash

No fuel consumption

Water saving

No discharge into the environment and CO2 emissions

Effective, easy, fast, convenient

Environmentally friendly

EB Clean Nautica

The cleaning of boats normally takes place in the moorings of a marina or during navigation, often using detergents with consequent production of foam and with a vast consumption of fresh water for rinsing. “EB Clean Nautica” is a special formulation dedicated to the world of pleasure boating: the totally biodegradable product perfectly cleans the exterior and interior of the boat, does not produce foam and does not require rinsing. It does not damage aquatic flora and fauna.

EB Clean House & Office

The ecological product for home and office. Specifically developed for the daily cleaning, it is suitable for any surface and it is effective on all types of dirt. Easy and immediate to use, it does not produce foam and does not require any kind of rinsing. The natural ingredients make this product particularly suitable for the places where we spend most of our time. The right product for fast, effective and ecologically cleaning.